Nothing fishy about this big event

Fish tacos. Nick Croce. Normally, when someone mentions San Diego to me these rather disparate words come to mind. There’s nothing mysterious about my thinking of fish tacos: Rubio’s in San Diego features them and they’re super. It seems that after first tasting a fish taco in San Felipe, Mexico, Ralph Rubio returned to San Diego to hand-craft his own recipe and introduced America to the fish taco in 1983. I can tell you first-hand that he did a heck of a job crafting.

Why the city reminds me of Nick Croce –– now that’s a little more esoteric. I used to work with a man by that name, and I always think of him when I pass by Croce’s restaurant on Fifth Avenue in San Diego. I’ve never set foot in the place, but I vow to do so in March. Why March?
Already one of the largest scientific conferences of 2012, early registration indicates a big turnout of scientists from all over the world, the ACS Meetings Department tells me. And with the more than 11,700 presentations to choose from, I’m very excited about the topics we will be bringing to you in our news releases and our press briefings.
Our ACS Office of Public Affairs Press Center in the convention center will include a press conference room and a news media workroom fully staffed to assist in arranging interviews. The press center will have wireless Internet access, telephones, computers, photocopy and fax services, and refreshments.
Embargoed copies of press releases, non-technical summaries of newsworthy presentations, and a press conference schedule will be available in August. Reporters planning to cover the meeting from their home bases will have access to the press conferences over the Internet in ACS’ popular “Live Chat” format.   

To apply for press credentials for the meeting, go to: registration.

See you in San Diego…
Image: San Diego Convention & Visitors Bureau


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